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Safest way to get home, intelligently.

The Intelligent Driving Community Serving you around the clock.

Your safety is important to us. You can now enjoy your night out, with the peace of mind knowing that you’re now in safe hands, with our innovative solution that takes road safety to the next sphere!

We’ve created a community of intelligent Chauffeurs, to take you home in the comfort of your own vehicle with just a moments notice.

  • Why worry? We’ve got you covered! As you never know when you would need a professional chauffeur to aid you at the push of a button to drive you anytime anywhere 24/7, 365 Days a year!

  • DrinkDrive ensures ours Chauffeurs are of the highest quality and are through an extensive screening and training process so you can trust your vehicle is in the safest of hands.

  • Get astounding discounts on your ride home simply by placing your booking from our partner outlets.

  • Enjoy the moments in life that are important to you, let us take your worries and get you home with the assurance that you’re in safe hands.

    S – Simple A – Affordable F – Flexible E – Efficient

OMBC Solutions Pvt Ltd, was founded in December of 2016 with the aim of conducting a conclusive research on “Drunkdriving” within the Colombo metropolis; with the end goal of formulating a solution to the immense problem of individuals taking the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

Fast track a few months and “DrinkDrive” was formed; an extensive transportation solution that focused on reducing the number of intoxicated individuals – driving under the influence.

Through our extensive research and best practice policies we stood steadfast in our objective of reducing drunk-driver related accidents whilst ensuring a high-quality professional service to all our customers willing to make the right choice by not taking the wheel while being under the influence.

We are an organization that is driven by helping society, whilst being innovative and of high quality.

Safety – remains the primary ethos of our organization; primarily of our customers and their vehicles, backed by the trust bestowed on us by the public we continue to push the boundaries of innovation with continuous improvement in our quality and services.

We are proud to announce the completion of 15,000+ safely completed hires through our professional chauffeur service as at June 2018.

As innovation remains one of our pillars of success, in January, 2018 – DrinkDrive soft launched its second vertical that catersto “Delivery” within the western province of Sri Lanka. Our research teams found a significant gap in real time delivery within the western province and thus “Delivery” by DrinkDrive was born. With a success rate of over 4500+ deliveries within a span of 6 months.

It is with great pride that we at OMBC Solutions Pvt Ltd, introduces to you the most comprehensive chauffeur service together with our most effective real time delivery services.

Welcome to Safest Driving Community in Sri Lanka – DrinkDrive by OMBC Solutions Pvt Ltd.

DrinkDrive brand new mobile app - now available for iOS & Android

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Find your chauffeur with ease

Your designated driver, available on both iOS and Android

Our brand new DrinkDrive Mobile App lets you find your chauffeur quickly and conveniently, with a clicks in a matter of minutes. Our personalized options will guarantee that you have a smooth ride every single time.

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At a company that is all about the quality of service, we believe that real choices matter. Whilst we may not have been perfect, we are in the midst of making changes to serve you better. Let us know what’s in your mind.